Police cars

When a particular child joined The West Finchley Preschool in September the staff team noticed straight away his interest in police cars , ambulance and fire brigade in fact every car and every object in his play would turn into a police car. He was also fascinated with the floor to ceiling length windows in his base room that overlook the street and give him a real birds eye view to cars, and other vehicles passing by. This window allows him to move quickly to see any vehicle sounding a siren as it passes by.

Our staff team focused on his interest in service vehicles, particularly police cars when planning for him. They shared books with him and talked about what police, ambulances and fire brigades do to deepen and extend the child’s knowledge. Out of this he developed a curiosity about how things work , building and taking things apart to see how they fit together and what makes them work.

When the staff team observed this they decided to build a car, with him and the other children in his room. We asked the children what they thought we might need to “build a car” and then together with the children collected all the materials we might need such as boxes and tape measure and the most important feature to this child- the ‘blue light’ .

The children gained so many skills during this process including building confidence and esteem, learning about the world around them, measuring and estimating, learning where to find information to name a few.